Theatre Room


Our recommendation for larger conferences, presentations or even award giving events is our Theatre Room, situated on the second floor of the palace.

The marvellously ornated theatre room, fitted with air conditioning and boasting excellent acoustic features, is a perfect venue for dance events, conferences, private productions and meetings.

A 10.5 metre wide and 13.6 metre long hall hosts a 54 m2 theatre stage. The hall’s holding capacity is 292, with a pre-set and fixed chair arrangement. The ground level auditorium can hold 212, whereas the balcony has a holding capacity of 80.
The hall has air conditioning by default, but our own staff can provide any sound, light effects and projecting solution required for the event. However, a third-party provider is also welcome to execute the modifications.


  • amplifiers
  • screen (in the full length of the stage background)
  • projector

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